Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ombre cutlery pocket

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It’s always time for party! Specially when it's carnival. Prepare food, drinks and remember about table decoration. If You like simple and original style this project is perfect for You! You don’t need any special sew or craft skills just two favorite colors and piece of linen fabric to create easy and minimalistic ombre cutlery pocket. So are You ready to do it?
You need:
- linen or cotton fabric
- color thread
- needle
- scissors
- tape
- fabric paint (pink and white)

1. Mesure 32cm X 15 cm and cut one piece of linen/cotton fabric.

2. Fold twice and iron fabric sides ( upper edge 1cm, side edge 0,5 cm wide)

3. Mark place where a pocket should be folded.

4. Use a tape to make strap marks. 

5. Mix colors to create ombre shades. Use the same amount of pink and double amount of white paint. 

6. Paint the first smallest strip with clear pink color.

7. Stitch pocket in two places from both sides.  

8. Stitch edges in 3-4 places from both sides. 

Thhaaa  daa...

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