Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carnival hair pin

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Carnival is here! So it’s perfect time for a party. When dresses and shoes are prepared You need some extra touch with fancy and original accessories. That’s why I decided to show how to create easy and stylish hair pin (fascinator) with color felt and black mesh. So, are You ready?

To make hair pin You need:
- 1,5 m of mesh
- felt beads: 1x3cm(diameter); 2x2cm; 1x1cm (You can use acryl beads too)
- 1 pearl bead
    - few zircon beads
    - hair pin ( about 5-6 cm long)
    - fishing line or thread
    - black thread
    - piece of felt
    - needle
    - glue
    - scissors

1. Cut a piece of felt and check with hair pin. 

2. Start folding mesh from one side. Try to make a flower shape.

3. Sew mesh and felt together.

4. Then sew felt beads and pearl together.

 5. Sew on mesh.
 6. Glue zircon beads to mesh.

7. Sew felt with felt beads and mesh to a hair pin.