Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easy DIY checked woolen bag

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           If You are looking for new chic accessories for fall You will love this easy DIY bag inspired by popular Stella McCartney Falabella tote. Perfect for everyday outfit with leather jacket and skinny jeans or even cocktail dress with some edgy-glam touch. So if You can find piece of checked woolen fabric (or old unused blanket), piece of lining and silver chain You can create your own Fallabella bag! 

You gonna need:

- checked woolen fabric
- lining
- silver chain (about 2 m)
- quilted fabric ( I used old Ikea pillow case)
- needle 
- thread
- scissors
- press stud 

1. Mesure 45 cm X 35 cm and cut one piece on checked woolen fabric, lining, quilted fabric.
Pin and sew woolen fabric and lining together.

3. Leave small open space from one side.

4. Put quilting inside. 

5. Fold it down and pin it.

6. Sew both sides.

    7. Sew on a press stud.

8. Use pins to attach a chain. It’s very helpful when You sew it.

      9. U can add some extra knots…

10. Cut the rest of a chain and attach from both sides as a handle.

Thaa daaa... 


P.S. Thank U Anna W. for being amazing model!