Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Evening glamour nails

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Let’s celebrate! Carnval is here! For the next few weeks we have the opportunity for amazing parties and themed balls. When a perfect costume or outfit is ready, it's time to match accessories, make up and of course nails. Try something glamour this season! Gold, black lace and touch of shining diamante is perfect and very easy way to create original completion of Your outfit. So let’s do it!

To make evening glamour style nails You need:

- black lace
- transparent nail polish
- gold nail polish
- 6 silver nail diamante or any other shining details
- scissors
- tweezer

1. Cut 10 small irregular lace pieces.

2. Put one coat of gold polish nail and wait until dry then cover for second time.

3. When the nail polish is still wet use tweezer to cover a nail with a piece of a lace.

4. Cut unnecessary lace.

5. If You want You can attach 3 silver nail diamante using transparent nail polish.

 6. Finish all nails with transparent nail polish.

…and enjoy the party !


PS. Thank You Sis for being the best hand model!