Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring pearl ring

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Yes, winter is still here but it’s the best moment to prepare for upcoming months. All fashion trends say that pastel colors and shimmer will blow up spring and summer style. So why not use polymer clay and create a greenish pearl ring. Funny mill shape plus sophisticated pearl is a perfect combination of casual and glam style. And the most important the ring will give an extra touch to every outfit. So just do it!
To make a ring You need:
- polymer clay 
- ring blank
- glue
- cutter
- glass
- pearl bead
- transparent and glitter nail polish
Advice: Choosing polymer clay remember that it can change color after baking.

1. When you soften polimer clay a bit, roll it and cut in a half. 

2. Roll one of the pieces again using glass. The circle should be about 3 cm wide, and 1- 1,5 mm thick. 

3. Cut square ( 2,5 mm each side).

4. Cut each corner  in a half. Gently turn one of the two corners from each side. 

6. In the middle of the mill press pearl bead. Take it off and follow the instructions on the polymer clay box. Bake it. 

7.  Cover inside of the mill,with transparent nail polish. Cover the top of the mill with glitter nail polish.