Wednesday, January 23, 2013

6 steps how to take a perfect picture

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Winter it’s a fantastic time for nice photo shots. Of course everyone can take a picture but not all of us focus on simple but very important details that can change picture and make it better.

1. Prepare accessories. Scarf, bag, gloves or even red lipstick will add some extra color and some variety.

2.If You try to make a portrait remember to put model between different objects (trees) or close to color detail like gloves and scarf. Do not use zoom. Try to come as close as possible to model. Picture will be sharper and framed.

3.When taking full body picture remember not to cut model's feet. Try to avoid random people in the background. 

4. Check whether there is no tree or street light growing from models head.

5.Use sequence mode if you want to take picture of moving objects. Remember to press shutter before the move.

6. Take pictures from different positions. The best is the same model and photographer level.