Thursday, May 16, 2013

Caffe Reale - no baking dessert!

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To make Caffe Reale You need:

-          half bottle of semi-dry wine
-          5-7 tbs of honey
-          dry figs
-          orange peel ( from half of fruit)
-          2 cloves
-          1 tbs of brown sugar
-          2 cinnamon sticks
-          2 ts cinnamon powder
-          Mascarpone cheese

Pour half bottle of whine to the pot.

Add honey (4 or 6 tbs) and brown sugar. It depends how sweet things You like. Heat  up until all ingredients melt. 

Cut figs

Peel orange ( half is enough)

Add some spices: cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar  

 Boil all for about an hour. Syrup is ready when alcohol evaporate and fig’s skin is quite soft.

 You can keep it in the jar

 Serve when chill with 2 ts of mascarpone cheese and coffe ofcourse.