Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas decoration with hint of mint

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Have You already thought about Christmas decorations? Well, it’s perfect time to find out what to put on the table and Christmas tree. But what color? I decided to make 3 easy projects with lovely mint shade. It was very popular during the summer and still it is. Paper, felt and some glitter will help to create simple and classic ornaments. Just do it!

To make decorations You need:
- color paper 
- acrylic glue
- pom pom tape 
- color beads or pearls
- color thread 
- ribbons
- color felt 
- needle
- scissors

Pom pom chain

1. String pom pom first and make loop. Then repeat it with bead or pearl.


2. Cut 10 cm diameter circle. 
3. On the edges mark points that are half of diameter (5 cm).
4. Connect points.
5. Cut out a star.

6. Fold the nearest points.

7. Fold the arms of the star. You can cover it with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Paper Christmas ball

8. Cut three circles about 5 cm diameter. I use different blue shades.
9. Put all circles together and fold them in the middle.
10. Sew them on.
11. Make a loop.

Felt tree 

12. Cut two Christmas tree shapes from felt.
13. Sew them on.
14. Stuff with wadding.
15. You can put some extra decorating stitches or colorful button.

 Thaa... daaa...

Oh... and of course glitter button
Use a big button. Cover it up with mixture of glitter and acrylic glue. Sew a bow on.