Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 easy gift wrappings for everyone

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There is much to do before Christmas. Decorations, special food, presents and of course 
wrappings. It’s not so complicated as You might think. The easiest way is to use paper (waste paper is perfect for eco fans), different types of ribbons, sting, and small Christmas ornaments. 10 simple wrappings are for those who like different styles, colors and lots of fun. So check which one is your favorite and… Just do it!

To make a gift wrapping You need:

- paper

- ribbons
- colourful string: gold, silver, neon
- scissors
- needle
- tape with double side glue 

- paper lace trim napkin

Paper lace trim napkin wrapping

Cut napkin in a half. Tape it and add red ribbon. 

Neon string wrapping

Twine a box 3 times with neon string from top to bottom and from left to right side. Keep space between them. Make a bow. 
Elegant style wrapping

1. Cover a box up with black paper and  make a knot with black-beige ribbon. Add some extra blink blink using Christmas tree decoration.

 2. Twine the box with gold thread and make bow using exotic print ribbon.


Cover box up with waste paper. Put lace and two velvet ribbons with extra gold detail on the top.  


Cross two ribbons and just add glitter detail.

I used Christmas decorations from previous DIY to make 4 more wrappings. Check here.

If You don’t want to spend extra money for a paper bag – just do one by yourself. 
1. Fold both sides of sheet of paper (50cm/35 cm) to meet in the middle.
2. Stick the double side glue tape on the edge of the paper and put both sides together 

 3. Fold the bottom part about 5 cm wide.
4. Open it and crease the flaps inward.

5. Fold both flaps in the middle.
6. Stick the tape across the bottom of the bag.

7. Stick a piece of tape in the place where You gonna make holes. Then punch holes through the top of the bag. Use ribbons to make handles.