Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY 5 steps edgy glam scarf

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There is no better time to wear scarf than fall. If You want to make quite cheap one, use old t-shirt and some gold studs to create perfect and easy accessory with some edgy glam style.

 U gonna need:
- old t-shirt
- thread
- needle
- scissors
- pins
- about 22 gold, round shape studs 

1. Cut middle part of t-shirt (approx. 40 x 50 cm) and cut from one side.

2. Attach studs in the middle of the fabric .

3. Fold down all sharp endings using scissors.

4. Try to attach studs chaotically.

5. Sew up and turn over then sew side that left.

Thaaa daaa...


P.S THX Anna for being lovely model:)