Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glamorous jewellery box

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   There is always not enough space for Your jewellery! So it means that You need more storage for all kind of rings, bracelets, necklaces and other bling bling things! Well here is solution – glamour jewellery box where You can keep all Your shiny details in one place. Just use wood box, paint and lots of glitter with velvet touch to make practical and stylish accessory. So Just do it!

You gonna need:

-          6 kitchen sponges
-          scissors
-          wooden box ( diameter 18 cm)
-          vinyl glue
-          blue paint (tempera or spray)
-          glitter
-          velvet ribbon (52 cm)
-          needle and thread
-          piece of velvet (27 cm x 37cm)
-          glosy spray finish

Place sponges next to each other.

Copy the shape of the box.

Cut the curves.

Check all the pieces if they match.

Pair and glue sponges. 

Cut a piece of velvet ( 27cm x 37 cm – for box with diameter 18 cm)
We work the size of the inset out by creating the square, whose side equals the diameter of the box. Then add 9 and 19 cm to created sides so that to achieve the rectangle.

Place sponges on a fabric (the fabric should be between them). Pin down spare velvet.

Paint the box twice - outside and inside. Wait until dry. Place sponges with velvet.

Mix glue and glitter into a thick paste. Apply on a lid. 

Cover the entire surface – tab if You need it.

Allow glue to dry (even 24 hours), then spray with glossy spray finish.
Glue velvet ribbon (36 cm

Make and attach a bow (need 16 cm)

Thaaaa daaa!