Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring pastel bracelets

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That was quick decision. Three wooden bracelet, pastel color, touch of gold and two stones. Simple and stylish. You don’t need any extra skills just 15 minutes to do it.
So are You ready? Just Do IT!
To make bracelets You need: 
-          3 wooden bracelets
-          glue
-          gold and silver decoupage flakes
-          paint brush
-          acrylic paint
-          all purpose glue 

Put some glue on the top of bracelet.

Gently glued gold and silver flakes. 

Wait until dry. Cover with wood spray. 

 Paint bracelet with light pink acrylic paint.

Wait until dry.

Use big flat stone.

Glued with all purpose glue.

Paint with four different colors ( I used grey, light blue, lemon and beige).

Wait until paint is dry. Glued stone with all purpose glue.

Thaaa daa...