Monday, June 24, 2013

Spotted cup - It’s tea time!

It's time to say goodbye... to blogspot! But also HELLO to new MARIAJUSTDOIT.COM Check what's goin on there...

Well, it was month break but I’m come back. With more interesting job and new DIY ideas. So, let’s begin!
Today it’s tea time. I decide to transform my classic cup with always in fashion dots and spots. Don’t worry, You don’t have to be painter to do this. Use imagination and make Your favorite cup or mug special!

To make spotted cup you need:
-          cup or mug
-          tape
-          glass and porcelain marker
-          scissors
If your print do not satisfy You use nail polish remover to clean surface.

Use tape to protect upper cup’s edge.

Draw spots and dots (different sizes)

Make few dots on pot. They gonna mach to the cup.

Do the same with handle.

 Thaaa daa!