Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 projects with washi tape

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World loves washi tapes. Why? Because they are colorful and easy to use. There are so many projects and ideas to create something original with washi tapes. From wall art, Easter eggs decoration, gift wrapping to original flower pots and scrapbooking. You can buy wahi tape or You can make one. It’s so easy! If You have time, 5 of my projects will show how to make colorful details around You.

To make projects with washi tape use:
- double tape
- tissue paper (different colors)
- tooth picks
- scissors
- thread
- black pen
- ribbons

Muffin decoration
1. Glue tape and tissue paper. 2. Remove protection layer. 3.Cover tooth pick top.

4. Repeat 1 and 2 action.
5. Glue with thread. Attach to tooth picks. Cut flag shape.

Flower vase

1. Paint two bottles using white spray. Let it dry. Glue ribbon and double tape. Cover top of the bottle. Use washi tape for extra decoration.

Colorful gift wrapping...

and funny laptop cover