Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stripe clutch bag

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Stripes for everyone! Punk style from 80’s is one of the hottest trends. That’s why this season You must have a little bit of graphic prints to look perfect. You can invest at classic black and white jackets, shirt and leggings or create something by yourself. Try to make easy accessories with stylish stripes, and funny detail to make Your outfit be ready for every occasion.

To make clutch bag You need:
- wooden box
- black and white acrylic paint
- elastic string
- 2 beads
- plastic (play) block
- scissors
- ruler
- marker
- masking tape

1. Protect closure and start with a few coats of white paint. Let it dry.

2. Mark stripes all over the box. 

3. Use tape to protect strips edges. Paint using black color.

4. Remove tape when paint is dry.

5. Remove upper and lower part of closure. Paint the rest of closure using black paint. Glue plastic block.
6. Pull elastic string through the upper closure and make a knot under the plastic block to make a bag's lock.

7. Add two bead at the endings. 

Thaaa daaa...