Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cristals clip earrings

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New season is on the way. It’s time to change not only your wardrobe but also some accessories. I find few colorful beads and crystals to create simple and eye-catching clip earrings. I find inspiration in J.Crew collection and decided to make ma own version with extra neon touch. So if You like to shine don’t waist Your time - Just do it!

To make clip earrings You need:
-          scissors
-          glue
-          clip earrings
-          colorful beads and crystals
-          plastic transparent cover

Create shape of the clip earrings and lace them on plastic cover

Cut the base of clip earring. Measure width using the widest bead

Glued all pieces from top to bottom

When glue is dry stick the base of clip earring

Thaaa daaa...


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