Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn cookies

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Fall is here! Shortest days and longest nights it’s a sign that I will spend more time with cup of tea. Because I LOVE sweets, I can’t imagine hot drink without some biscuits. Of course I can buy them in your local store or ( I prefer this option ) do it by myself. That’s why I prepare few options…well shapes make from the same buttery dough. All cookies are perfect as a small gift for any occasion. Just ad some ribbon or small paper bag and surprised Your friends.

To make autumn cookies You need:
- dough
- sugar
- poppy seeds
- string
- paper
- scissors
-   tea bag
-   straw
-   cup
-   string

    Prepare butter dough and divide into 3 portion. 

I   I use these receipt from Kwestia Smaku

Make tea bag pattern. 

Place on dough and cut it. 

Use toothpicks to make small holes. 

Bake for about 15-10 min.  Put all pieces together. 

Make few dough balls. 

Press them witch the cup. 

Use straw to cut the holes.

Pin out dough. 

Cut few stripes, interweave all.

Cut the shape of the cup. Sprinkle with sugar or poppy seeds