Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring wedding table decorations. Part I

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I was calling for spring!!! Spring top, spring pearl ring now it's time for the spring table! There is so much fun when You can sit together with the friend around a lovely decorated table or if You are planning simple but colorful wedding and You need some easy ideas. This DIY project can be helpful. You don’t need any special skill,s just vivid colors and ribbons. So, Are You ready?

First, create the color board inspiration. It will help You to stick with colors you like and describe the atmosphere of the theme.
The theme board. Because it’s spring I decided to focus on tulips and always very stylish ribbons. 

How to prepare napkins
Buy napkins in the shop or sew them yourself (I used fabric from Ikea)
Fold on napkin (2/3 width) to make a small pocket.

Hide both sides inside.

How to create menu
I just used Pickmonkey on-line picture editor. It’s easy and perfect for simple but stylish projects.

How to make a straw decoration
Cut about 10 cm long piece of ribbon and the same long double tape.

Stick both together (ribbon and tape)

Put straw in the middle of ribbon. Stick bots sides together and cut a flag shape.