Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter decorations

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It’s time to grab basket with Easter eggs! Use paint, marker or vegetables to create colorful decorations for less. If You like experiment, try golden leaves or just simple prints. Use imagination and ... Just Do It!

To make Easter eggs You gonna need:
- eggs
- paint
- paint brush
- sponge brush
- golden leaves
- vinyl glue
- black marker 

 1. Paint an egg using sponge brush. It will help to make texture on the surface.

2. Splash paint using paint brush.
3. Make a few acrylic glue spots. Gently touch with gold leaves.

4. Use marker to make spots and dots.

To make rope basket You gonn need:
-          all-purpose glue  
-          rope
-          scissors
-          bowl

5. Wrap and glue rope around the bowl.

Happy Easter & Lovely Spring!!!