Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter neckalce

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Warm gloves, soft sweater are winter musts. But what about winter jewellery? Well, there is a solution. This easy DIY project will show how to create a necklace using a chain, lots of colorful threads, a velvet ribbon and special pom poms on tape. Cozy and egdy-glam style mixed together is prefect for day to night outfits. So are You ready to try?
To make necklace You need:
- 2 silver chains 30 cm each
- colorful thread ( I use DMC)
- colorful string
- black velvet ribbon
- pom pom tape / ribbon
- needle
- scissors
- black thread

1.Take pom pom tape and chain and stitch them together

2. Thread second chain

3. Stitch both chains together using colorful thread

4. Reeve velvet ribbon through the last links and sew

Thaaa daaaa...