Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neon tribal t-shirt

It's time to say goodbye... to blogspot! But also HELLO to new MARIAJUSTDOIT.COM Check what's goin on there...
Tribal prints are perfect for summer! 
Jewellery, print-nails even iphone cases – explosion of colours!

It’s time for DIY summer tribal T-shirt. Inspiration? 
Alexander Wang S/S 2012 collection full of colors and simple graphic.

 U need ...

fabric paint green & pink
sponge brush
duck tape

                                         Stick the tape on the middle of the t-shirt 

Make few V-shape marks

                Before U start painting put few paper sheets inside t-shirt to protect from soaking

Gentle spread paint and remember to protect left and right edges

        perfect neon tribal t-shirt is ready to wear

Like U see it was real fun!