Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1 cup 3 ideas for christmas present

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What is the best for cold winter days and nights? Hot drinks, of course! So if u are looking for perfect and not expensive Christmas presents, find out how to make one of those using one cup and hot chocolate coffee or tea. Remember! Hot chocolate with marshmallow is always good for excellent mood. Hot tea with flavored spices or candied orange for relax and perfect cinnamon coffee for those who love cozy Christmas atmosphere. Interested? Just do it!

To make Christmas present with hot chocolate
You need:
- tea cup or mug
- foil
- ribbons
- scotch tape
- elastic band
- cocoa powder
- sugar
- marshmallow

Tea version:
- candied orange
- cardamom

Coffee version :
- cinnamon stick
- chocolate

1.  Mix 2 tbs cocoa powder with 3 tbs sugar.

2. Cut a square from a foil (each side 20 cm long).

     3.Fold one side for 1 cm. It’s gonna be the top of the cone.

4. Form the cone and stick with a scotch tape. Remember to protect the top of the cone.

5. To avoid dirty edges make a paper cone and put inside the foil then fill with cocoa and sugar. 

6. Put some marshmallow on the top of cocoa. Close with an elastic band and make a lovely bow.

7. Fill a mug or cup with marshmallow and put packed cocoa.

Thaaa daaa... 

8.To diversify your X-mas present you can fill in the cup or mug with biscuits or cream puffs with chocolate.

9. Use the rest of the foil to pack the present.